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Birkdale Park’s Care Plan is based around person centred principles of care. These principles give every person a voice to express their personal opinion on how they should be cared for. It involves all support care staff including social workers, doctors, key workers and next of kin.

Within 7 – 14 days after you have settled into your new surrounds and we have completed a more thorough assessment of your needs, we will formally sit down with you to discuss in detail the planned care we feel is appropriate for your needs. We ask you and your representative to discuss and sign an agreed plan of care with us, which may be implemented as soon as possible.

Birkdale Park operates a key worker system in the Home. Each key worker will be responsible for monitoring and assessing your needs. They will work closely with you and will represent your wishes to the rest of the staff and care workers.

Should you have any questions about your care then please do not hesitate to speak to the Care Manager or the Deputy Care Manager:

Care Manager Tel 01704 566055 or